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How can we contribute

Reducing carbon emissions through renewable energy

Sustainable development is essential to avoid further warming of our planet. Climate change risks causing melting ice sheets, extinction of habitats and species, rising sea levels and, in the long term, threatening human civilisation. This was confirmed in the latest IPCC report. For sustainable development, fossil fuels must be replaced by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy. Together with you, we can create a sustainable energy system that benefits current and future generations.

Environmental considerations, sustainability and local commitment

We want to contribute to the transformation of the energy system for a sustainable future. We start from a solution-oriented approach to enable more renewable energy that can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and contribute to an improved environment. As a consulting firm and project developer, we are permeated by a great commitment to a green transition of society. The UN Sustainable Development Goals form the basis of our commitment. Our services in battery storage, solar energy, wind power and hydrogen integrate consideration for the environment and local residents with the other considerations and assessments we make within the project.

Our approach

Sustainable services and projects

Our ESG policy (Environmental, Social and Governance) guides us in assessments regarding sustainability and ethics. Together with the ESG policy, we are based on the UN’s sustainability goals, which form the basis for how we conduct our business. We have included ESG factors in our decision-making both as a consulting firm and project developer. We use our ESG work as a basis for identifying and managing risks and when assessing whether business and investment opportunities are in line with our values. Of course, we adapt to our client’s sustainability work in our consulting assignments and since we already work with ESG, we have a good understanding of how it can be done in the best way.

Join us in building a sustainable future