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Co-owned PDT Renewable Energy is launching renewables project development in Thailand  

We are glad to announce that our co-owned partner company in Thailand, PDT Renewable Energy, is open for business and in the near future is developing projects in Thailand.

PDT Renewable Energy will launch their website soon and more information will be presented during the spring and summer.

PDT Renewable Energy develop battery storage, solar energy and wind power projects. The foundation of our renewable energy solutions is based on great understanding of Thai society, business, and energy market, together with deep knowledge and extensive experience from developing solar, battery and wind projects in Scandinavia, Europe and Africa. We combine European industrial know-how and quality with Thai expertise and local suppliers in our projects. PDT Renewable Energy continuously follows the initiatives from the Thai Government and responsible Thai agencies on how Thailand’s carbon dioxide reductions will be implemented in national energy policy and regulations, which makes us ready to deliver the solutions sought after when the renewable energy market in Thailand enters a new phase.

Stay tuned to find out more about PDT Renewable Energy’s projects and information about sustainable development in Thailand by following their LinkedIn page!

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