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Johan Ehrlin och David Åhs.

JDA Renewables initiates cooperation with TOWII Renewables Sweden 

We are excited to announce that we have entered a cooperation with TOWII Renewables Sweden AB. This will offer good opportunities to jointly collaborate on the development of wind power, solar energy, and hybrid projects in Sweden, and contribute to more renewable energy in the Swedish electricity system.

For JDA Renewables, the collaboration offers the opportunity to contribute with consulting services and development of renewable energy projects for TOWII Renewables Sweden. Since its start, the Danish company TOWII Renewables has had a clear ambition to establish itself in markets outside Denmark and it is now the turn of Sweden. 

– We are immensely proud to work with TOWII Renewables Sweden in their first step in an international direction. We look forward to working towards a knowledgeable and strong organization that is based on a strategic collaboration between two companies, Tokyo Gas and EWII. We see this as paving the way for good forms of cooperation, says David Åhs, CEO and Chairman of the Board of JDA Renewables AB. 

For TOWII Renewables Sweden, the needs of the initiative in Sweden match well with what JDA Renewables can offer and contribute to, which paves the way for good opportunities for collaboration in several areas. 

– As a relatively new company, JDA Renewables has quickly made an impression through its know-how, experience, and network in renewable energy. We therefore look forward to developing our contacts in the form of a collaboration. Over the past six months, we have developed a good relationship between the companies and are now looking forward to working more closely with the various parts that JDA Renewables can contribute to achieving TOWII’s strategic goals in Sweden, says Johan Ehrlin, Head of Project Development at TOWII Renewables Sweden AB.

TOWII Renewables

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