JDA Renewables

We are involved in enabling the transition to green energy

What we do

Consulting services and project development in renewable energy

JDA Renewables stands on two pillars. We are a consultancy with services in business and project development, environmental law and environmental permits, as well as a project developer of renewable energy.

The consulting services covers the entire value chain from business development and planning to project development and construction of renewable energy plants. We can assist you with projects in solar energy, battery storage, wind power and hydrogen.

Our focus as a project developer is site screening, land negotiation and project development until investment decisions (RTB) of battery storage, solar energy, wind power and hydrogen. We can offer interesting investment opportunities in our projects located primarily in Sweden but also in other rapidly growing markets for renewable energy.

01 Land
02 Environmental law
03 Project management
04 Project development
05 Advisory
06 Permits
What drives us

A sustainable development

Major industrial investments with the ambition to reduce emissions and climate impact will soon be realised in Sweden and energy demand will increase. We are also approaching 2030 and its set climate goals. According to research, it is becoming increasingly urgent to mitigate climate change. Renewable energy is one of the fastest ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and limit the global temperature increase.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the IPCC reports and risk forecasts are becoming reality much faster than we previously thought. The global average temperature rises every year with new records and extreme weather is becoming more frequent. We want to contribute to the transformation of the energy system with what we can do as an innovative and goal-oriented consulting firm and project developer of renewable energy.

Who we are

Innovative and solution-oriented

JDA Renewables is a Swedish company with the goal of accelerating the climate transition by developing more permitted projects in renewable energy. Within the company, we have accumulated many years of knowledge and experience from development and permitting of renewable energy projects in Sweden. We have a large network of knowledgeable technicians, environmental consultants, lawyers, project managers, land negotiators and other competencies in renewable energy development. Together we raise the bar by using unique expertise to contribute with qualitative total solutions to our consulting business and the development of our projects.

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